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CryoMAX Cold Packs – Founder’s Story

Building a better cold pack is the CryoMAX cold therapy mission. 


CryoMAX originated in 2004 when Tom Noel, a young entrepreneur with an extremely active lifestyle, suffered a sports injury that resisted long lasting cold therapy relief from conventional store-bought ice packs.

Home remedies were just as ineffective – using ice cubes and even frozen peas as cold pack ingredients simply melted away while the pain just shrugged it off and worsened.

At that point, Tom realized that it was time for an innovative solution toward cryo ice packs– a high-quality cold therapy product grounded in medical science yet affordable and readily accessible.

Tom began to develop the CryoMAX cold pack technology with a clear understanding of his cold therapy mission: Create a cold therapy solution that lasts longer than the standard 20-30 minutes and uses only safe, non-toxic ingredients. The CryoMAX ice packs were to be made flexible to conform to the body part being treated. Having the Velcro straps for ice packs provide mobility while preventing condensation and frostbite exposure. Tom's objective was to maximize consumer value by making reusable 8-hour ice packs, price it competitively, and manufacture the ice packs in the USA.

The end result of Tom’s passion? CryoMAX® 8-Hour Reusable Cold Packs, featuring patented “Points of Cold” technology that draws heat from the injury.

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