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Why CryoMAX® Cold Packs?

Scientifically Proven to be the Longest Lasting Pack: CryoMAX

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Longest Lasting Cold Packs

Thanks to its patented “Points of Cold” Technology, CryoMAX® provides up to 8 hours of pain relief at doctor-recommended therapeutic temperatures of 36°-40° F.

On average, the 10 leading brands of cold therapy products exceed 40° F in less than 2 hours – at which point it’s back to the refrigerator for another low-tech block of ice or package of frozen peas.

Place your body-conforming CryoMAX® into its Support Wrap, secure it to the affected area, and go about your day... at work, and at play. The heat and pain is drawn out as the body heals itself and you enjoy up to 8 hours of physical comfort, peace of mind, and uninhibited healing.




CryoMAX® “Points-of-Cold” Technology is the most advanced cold therapy on store shelves today – a patented, science-based system that utilizes non-toxic, latex-free materials and works for up to 8 hours at doctor-recommended therapeutic temperatures.

CryoMAX® “Points of Cold” Technology is uniquely configured not as a solid block of frozen liquid, but as small, rounded, frozen water-filled capsules arranged in rows and separated by space in which a non-toxic, non-freezing formula allows for body-conforming applications.

Unlike conventional cold packs that temporarily mask pain and inhibit healing by freezing underlying tissue and blood vessels, CryoMAX® “Points of Cold” Technology absorbs heat and pain without interfering with the body’s natural healing processes.

Simply put, CryoMAX® “Points of Cold” is the most advanced cold therapy technology on store shelves today.

Traditional ice packs trap heat inside the injury…

Diagram showing how traditional ice packs work to treat injuriesTraditional cold packs – folk remedies like bags of ice cubes and boxes of frozen peas – freeze large areas, masking pain for brief periods while trapping heat, neutralizing the body’s natural healing processes, and prolonging injury time.

CryoMAX® “Points of Cold” Technology draws heat out of injury to promote quick, natural healing.

Diagram showing Points of Cold Technology, which makes CryoMax ice packs longer lasting.CryoMAX® patented “Points-of-Cold” Technology distributes cooling evenly in rows of frozen liquid separated by non-freezing channels; heat is drawn out and away from the injury as blood flows freely through affected tissue, the body heals itself, and recovery time is shortened.

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