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CryoMAX® and USA Curling Team Up to Bring Curling to Frozen Fenway

January 4, 2017
CryoMAX Curling Zone 2017
USA Curling


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(January 4, 2017) - Life Wear Technologies of North Kingstown, the manufacturer of CryoMAX® Cold Therapy 8-Hour Reusable Cold Packs, has teamed up with USA Curling to bring "Street Curling" to Frozen Fenway January 7 and 14.

Life Wear, an official sponsor of USA Curling, will host the CryoMAX Curling Zone during the Hockey East doubleheaders at Frozen Fenway 2017. The Curling Zone will be open to fans January 7th from 12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and on January 14th from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Fans can try their hand at curling on a 32-foot simulated curling surface. Basic instruction will be provided by USA Curling staff, members of the Broomstones Curling Club of Wayland and other local curlers. Participants will receive prizes, including CryoMAX Cold Packs and ThermalMAX® Long Lasting Heat Packs, for hitting the 2-foot ring, 4-foot ring and the Center of the House. Fans must have a ticket to the game to visit the CryoMAX Curling Zone. Tickets are available at www.redsox.com.

"We want to thank the folks at CryoMAX and the Boston Red Sox for the opportunity to throw some stones at Frozen Fenway," said USA Curling CEO Rick Patzke. "This is a great opportunity to expose Hockey East fans to the Olympic sport of curling. Who knows maybe we'll inspire some future Olympians."

The United States Curling Association (USCA), doing business as USA Curling, is a non-profit organization of member associations (currently with 12 state/region members), which includes 165 member clubs and approximately 16,500 individual member curlers. The USCA is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of curling and strives to grow the sport and to win medals in world championships and Olympics Games. For more information visit www.teamusa.org/USA-Curling.

Life Wear Technologies, LLC was established in 1974 as one of the original manufacturers of sports medicine products. Today, Life Wear Technologies is a leading supplier of both private label and branded sports medicine products sold in chain drug, food and mass merchant retailers. Life Wear Technologies proudly manufactures CryoMAX cold packs, ThermalMAX heat packs & TriCalm steroid free anti-itch products in the USA!

For more information on Life Wear Technologies go to www.lifeweartechnologies.com.

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