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CryoMAX Cold Pack - Small


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Simply place your reusable small cold pack into the wrap and store in the freezer before use. Wrap the small ice pack securely around the affected area with the support wrap. 

Therapy with CryoMAX small reusable ice packs substitutes the inconvenient usage of multiple traditional cold packs and provide 8 hours of pain relief. 

The cold packs stay flexible when frozen. The moldability makes these ideal small ice packs for injuries. Use as wrist ice packs, jaw wrap ice packs and more. 


  • The CryoMAX small cold packs provide long lasting cold therapy for acute wrist, jaw, or finger injuries. Also ideal for use on children. 
  • The non-toxic, latex-free small cold packs are environmentally friendly. 
  • CryoMAX products are not to be used directly on the skin. 
  • Please consult your doctor before using CryoMAX cold packs or any cryotherapy product.  



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