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MySplint Custom Fit Wrist SplintMySplint Custom Fit Wrist SplintMySplint Custom Fit Wrist Splint

MySplint Custom Fit Wrist Splint


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MySplint wrist support brace molds uniquely to any wrist by forming to contours for maximum support. Activated by heat and three-layer composite thermoplastics, the wrist support braces are ideal comfort that saves time and money.

With the ability to be molded up to five times, MySplint offers aid for weak, injured, sore, strained, and sprained wrists. For those suffering with carpal tunnel, these are the optimal carpal tunnel wrist braces that can relieve that chronic pain. Also find relief from tendonitis, arthritis pain, deQuervain’s syndrome and more will find relief in the ultra-plush foam that ensures long term comfort.

The custom wrist support braces also:

  • Forms to wrists promoting effective healing
  • Ensures relief for weak or injured wrists
  • Ultra-plush foam provides comfortable long-term support
  • Remoldable up to 5 times without losing any strength or rigidity
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • One size- fits right or left

 What's in the box:

  • One (1) MySplint Custom Wrist Support Brace
  • One (1) Microwave-Safe Heating Tray


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